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Arkansas deserves better than President Biden’s China Policies

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge believes President Biden [should] start working [with] existing businesses to create more jobs instead of unconstitutionally shutting them down. Arkansans [and] Americans deserve better. At the same time that Biden is crippling our energy sectors and its workforce, we are allowing China to once again have the upper hand on […]

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge continues to lead the fight against the Biden Administration

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge continues to lead the fight against the Biden Administration amid its continued attack on the working class. While Biden props up his $2 trillion clean energy infrastructure bill with insubstantial ideas and empty promises, countless Americans are struggling to feed their families. One member of the Biden Administration is quoted […]

Rutledge for Governor Announces Former Adjutant General Mark H. Berry as Campaign Chairman

April 20, 2021 LITTLE ROCK – The Rutledge for Governor campaign today announced the former Adjutant General, Lieutenant General (AR), (Retired) Mark H. Berry will be the Campaign Chairman for Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s bid for Governor. General Berry retired in 2019 and now serves in the Arkansas Legislature as State Representative for District 82. […]

Leslie Rutledge is leading the fight for Arkansas jobs lost to Biden’s Keystone Pipeline closure

Joe Biden signed a flurry of executive orders in late January, but none have left an impact like the one that revoked the Keystone Pipeline Permit. Citing environmental concerns and the intent to switch to greener energy sources, the Biden administration killed a multi-billion dollar contract and eliminated 11,000 American jobs. Many of which were […]

Rutledge Reports Q1 Numbers, Remains Arkansas Focused

Over 80% from Arkansas Donors April 15, 2021 LITTLE ROCK – Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge reported $1,232,270.01 total raised, with over 80% coming from Arkansas donors. “If elected Governor I will lead our state with the same mindset I have had as the Attorney General – Arkansas first and Arkansas focused,” said Rutledge.  “I am always […]

ICYMI: AR Governor Signs Key Rutledge Cause, Law Banning Transgender Girls in Sports

March 26, 2021 LITTLE ROCK, AR – Yesterday, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson signed a bill banning transgender girls in sports into law. Earlier this year, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge championed similar legislation, The GIRLS Act: Gender Integrity Reinforcement Legislation for Sports, introduced by Rutledge and Sen. Missy Irvin, R-Mountain View, to challenge President Biden’s Executive […]

ICYMI: Attorney General Leslie Rutledge says Her Experience Matters, Challenges Biden Administration on Climate Orders, GIRLS Act and Cancel Culture

March 12, 2021 LITTLE ROCK, AR – Earlier this week Attorney General Leslie Rutledge told Texarkana Republicans that her experience is an asset in her bid for the party’s 2022 gubernatorial nomination. She also has been challenging several of President Biden’s Executive Orders as unconstitutional, citing direct harm caused to Arkansans.  On President Biden’s first […]

Rutledge Issues Statement on 2022 Gubernatorial Race

January 25, 2021 LITTLE ROCK – Attorney General Leslie Rutledge today released a statement in response to Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ gubernatorial campaign announcement.  “Sarah and her family have been good friends for a long time and will continue to be after this election.  As our great State and Nation face threats to our liberties and freedoms […]

Rutledge Raises Over a Million Dollars in Contributions, has Resources and Record to Win in 2022

January 15, 2021 LITTLE ROCK – Attorney General Leslie Rutledge announced today a cumulative fundraising haul of more than a million dollars already for her 2022 bid for Governor. Rutledge raised $1,032,855.19 in just the first two quarters of her historic gubernatorial bid to become The Natural State’s first female governor.   “I continue to […]

Rutledge Announces Record-Breaking Fundraising Haul

October 15, 2020 LITTLE ROCK – Attorney General Leslie Rutledge announced today a record-breaking fundraising total of $838,340.19 for her first finance report of her campaign for Governor of Arkansas in 2022. Rutledge’s fundraising haul is the highest amount ever raised by a Republican gubernatorial candidate during the first quarter of a campaign or any gubernatorial candidate‘s […]

Rutledge to Co-Chair Lawyers for Trump Coalition

July 23, 2020 LITTLE ROCK – Today, the Trump Campaign announced that Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge will serve as the Co-Chairman for the national Lawyers for Trump coalition. The coalition will include attorneys from across America supporting the re-election of President Donald J. Trump and his commitment to preserve our freedoms and to restore confidence in the rule of the […]

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge Announces Her Candidacy Governor of Arkansas in 2022

July 1, 2020 ARKANSAS – Today, Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge announced her candidacy to become the next Governor of the great State of Arkansas. “Today I am announcing my candidacy for Governor of Arkansas in 2022. While this announcement is much earlier than I had originally planned, we must prepare for the future of our […]