Rutledge Secures $10m Credit for CenterPoint Entergy Customers

September 24, 2021

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge continues to prove she has the interests of Arkansas’s most vulnerable residents at heart. This past week, her office announced that customers of CenterPoint will receive a portion from a $10 million credit after it was proven the company significantly overcharged utility customers during several powerful winter storms

According to Rutledge, CenterPoint unfairly charged energy consumers excessive rates under its formula rate plan; however, “these credits will be a welcomed change for CenterPoint customers including our most vulnerable citizens, especially in light of the challenges facing Arkansans due to COVID-19 and devastating winter storms. This signals to CenterPoint and other utility companies that they will not get away with taking advantage of Arkansans during weather emergencies.”

Throughout her tenure as Arkansas Attorney General, Rutledge has prioritized targeting companies that unfairly prey on the state’s most vulnerable residents. Her office has secured millions of dollars from companies that partake in unsavory business practices and take advantage of Arkansas consumers.