Rutledge visits businesses in Ft. Smith

Leslie Rutledge visits Fort Smith on campaign trail

While visiting small businesses in Fort Smith, Republican candidate Leslie Rutledge told the crowd that she believes her experience will be the deciding factor in the next gubernatorial race. “I am the only candidate who has experience flying a plane, so who do you want landing the plane?”, she asked.

Rutledge has served as the Attorney General since 2015 when she was elected as the first woman to hold the position in the state of Arkansas. She hopes that history will repeat itself in 2022 for the governor’s position. 

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen the importance of lawmakers and the impacts of their decisions on local communities and the economy. With almost seven years of experience leading over 3 million Arkansas residents, Rutledge vows that she’s the woman for the job. She aims to make Arkansas a more business-friendly state and recently revealed, “The Rutledge Plan,” a ballot initiative to eliminate the state income tax by 2030. Furthermore, she has already pledged not to raise taxes as governor, as well as signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to convey her commitment to voters on the issue. 

According to Rutledge, “Arkansans know that I have their best interests at heart, and will continue to pursue a better future for our children. My priorities have always been and will continue to be in Arkansas. Whether it encompasses agriculture, equality, or economic issues, I understand the needs of Arkansans and I am committed to furthering our progress as a state and to build back from this pandemic better than before.”