AG Leslie Rutledge Defends the 2nd Amendment and Denounces Government Overreach

Arkansas Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Leslie Rutledge proves that she is willing to once again go to battle to defend Arkansas’s right to bear arms with yet another challenge to the Biden Administration for its continued overreach. This time; however, it’s in regards to the 2nd Amendment and the “Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) erroneous rulemaking, [which] criminalized bump stock accessories in the Gun Owners of America v. Merrick Garland case.” 

A coalition of 17 state Attorneys General, co-led led by Rutledge, recently refuted the ATF’s proclamation that bump stock accessories transform firearms into “machine guns,” and its publicized decree that gun owners must “surrender or destroy their bump stocks to avoid criminal liability.” According to Rutledge and the coalition, the ATF’s ruling directly contravenes federal law and violates the second amendment. 

“Our second amendment right is one that Arkansans find to be of significant importance, and our government needs to respect our rights as they are laid out in the constitution,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “I’ll never stop fighting to defend our fundamental right to keep and bear arms. Under my watch, I will not allow ATF to undermine our Second Amendment rights.”