ICYMI: Rutledge Unveils Plan to Eliminate State Income Tax

July 27, 2021

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Arkansas Republican gubernatorial candidate, and current Attorney General, Leslie Rutledge is establishing a key component of her plan to build back Arkansas’s economy. This past Thursday, Rutledge, who already previously signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to oppose any efforts to raise taxes if elected governor, unveiled “The Rutledge Plan.”
Her plan includes a grassroots effort to include Arkansans in a vote to eliminate the state income tax by 2030 through a constitutional amendment on the November 2022 ballot. According to Rutledge, eliminating the state income tax would boost Arkansas’s economic growth and make it more competitive with states like Texas and Tennessee, both of which have already voted to eliminate their respective income taxes. 
89,151 voter signatures will be necessary for the proposal to make it onto the ballot by 2022, but Rutledge is committed to include Arkansans in this effort and let their voices be heard. She will be rolling out more phases of The Rutledge Plan throughout the year. 

Here’s more from Leslie Rutledge in the news: 

Talk Business: AG Rutledge proposes eliminating state income tax by 2030 through constitutional amendment  
“Specifics [will] be forthcoming, she said, eliminating state government jobs and programs and pursuing more fraud, waste and abuse cases would be a component. Rutledge, who said she has reduced her AG office spending by 10% during two terms, emphasized she would not support any tax increases to offset the revenue loss from eliminating income taxes.”
ADG: Rutledge wants ’22 vote on income tax & ADG: Rutledge calls to eliminate state’s individual income tax 
In what is being categorized as phase 1 of The Rutledge Plan, Drew Evans, Rutledge’s campaign manager told the ADG that Rutledge will “continue to roll out more details of this initiative as well as other policy issues throughout the campaign.” 
AR Business: Rutledge Calls for Putting Tax Elimination on ’22 Ballot
Placing an emphasis on action and results, Rutledge said she’d “push to get the proposed constitutional amendment on next year’s ballot that would eliminate the tax by 2030.” In addition to her gubernatorial campaign, she would also lead the efforts to form a separate campaign in order to acquire the 89,000 plus signatures of registered voters needed to get the proposal on the ‘22 ballot. 
KY3: Arkansas AG Rutledge calls for putting tax elimination on 2022 ballot  
In a push to include small businesses and Arkansas families in the effort, Arkansans will have the opportunity to sign their name in support of the proposal, as well as vote to eliminate the state income tax through a constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2022. According to Rutledge, “While we have made small steps over the years, it’s time for the people of Arkansas to be heard and to give tax breaks to all hardworking Arkansans.”