Rutledge Paving the Way for Women

July 1, 2021

Leslie Rutledge is once again in the news for making historical inroads as a political candidate. In one of the most diverse primaries in the race for Arkansas’s next Governor, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge proves that she is willing to put in the work and pave the way for other women to attain higher positions in political office.

Serving as one of two women running on the 2022 GOP ticket for the gubernatorial primary in May 2022, Rutledge is no stranger to making history. In 2014, she beat two Republican candidates in the primary and won the general election becoming the first Republican and first woman to be elected Attorney General in the state of Arkansas

With 6 years of experience at the helm of the State’s largest constitutional office, Rutledge now has her eyes set on the Governor’s Office. Allowing her record working for the people of Arkansas to speak for itself, Rutledge continues to prove why she is the more qualified candidate. Throughout her time as AG, she has won millions of dollars in settlements, pursued lawsuits against businesses that aim to defraud hard-working residents, and championed legislation that reflects real Arkansan values.

“I am extremely proud of the work my office has done throughout my tenure as Attorney General,” said AG Rutledge. “I hope that another little girl will see our commitment towards moving Arkansas forward and will be inspired. Every day is an opportunity to better the lives of Arkansans whether it be economically, culturally, or socially; I am honored to be an active part of that change and hope to continue my work in Arkansas.”