Rutledge Files Suit again Couple who Targeted African American Communities

June 28, 2021

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is once again proving she is the more qualified candidate to represent Arkansas as Governor. Throughout her tenure as AG, she has continued to fulfill her promise to protect the rights of hardworking Arkansans from disreputable business owners and operators. 

After becoming aware of an illegal pyramid scheme operation, Rutledge recently filed a lawsuit against BINT Operations, LLC and its officers LaShonda Moore and Marlon Deandre Moore. Rutledge, along with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alleges that, after targeting members of the African American community, BINT solicited money claiming to have an unspecified opportunity to earn money that they claimed would provide an 800% return on investment. The initial cost to join was $1400, but some victims claim they paid upwards of $67,000. While no explicit services or products were exchanged for compensation, participants were offered the lucrative opportunity to participate in BINT operations in order to achieve “Blessings In No Time,” which the Moores claimed, would lead to financial freedom and ultimately generational wealth.  

“My office will not idly stand by and allow the Moores to get away with violating the Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (ADTPA), FTC Act, and Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016,” said AG Rutledge. “I will continue to defend the rights of Arkansans against those who engage in deceptive business practices and intentionally harm the wellbeing of innocent  individuals.”  

“There is no place in Arkansas for individuals who exploit community relationships in order to promote selfish get-rich-quick opportunities. Innocent Arkansans were deceived by the Moores to believe that they were engaging in a safe investment when instead the Moores were spending the dollars of hard-working individuals on themselves.” 

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