Rutledge continues to Push back on Biden’s Energy Policy

June 18, 2021

Judge Terry A. Doughty of the US District Court issues an injunction to block the Interior Department policy.

Back in January, an uproar erupted from the fossil fuel industry when President Biden signed an executive order, which effectively revoked the Keystone Pipeline permit and paused drilling leases in several states. Earlier this week; however, in a major victory for oil-producing states and their respective Attorneys General, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction to block the Biden administration’s pause on the sale of new oil and gas leases on federal land. Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has been a vocal proponent of the energy and gas sectors, especially advocating for those pipeline workers who were left unemployed as a direct result of the Biden administration’s new policy.

According to Louisiana U.S. District Judge Terry A. Doughty, states that have been affected by the Department of Interior’s policy have “demonstrated a substantial threat of irreparable injury,” and as such without Congressional approval, the administration may not suspend energy leases while it reviews how to reform the oil leasing program.

In recent months Rutledge and Attorneys General nationwide have vehemently denounced the Biden administration’s overreach regarding this situation citing energy dependency on unpredictable nations, a rise in unemployment, and billions in lost revenue for energy-producing states.

Rutledge has joined several lawsuits with the intent of proving that through its overreach the Biden administration has significantly inflicted direct harm on oil-producing states and those employed through energy contracts. As stated by Rutledge, “I will continue to advocate on behalf of those who unconstitutionally lost their jobs due to this administration’s overreach considering only Congress has the power to rule on this matter. Arkansans who work in the energy sector and have had their livelihoods impacted deserve to be heard.”