Rutledge goes after Rural Broadband Con-Artist

June 14, 2021

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge continues to prove she will fight for Arkansas residents and ensure that their issues are a top priority. This past week, Rutledge filed a lawsuit against Flowmatic Technical Solutions, LLC (FTS) and its owner, Joseph Michael Bradford after it was reported that the company was violating the Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act and misled customers in southern Arkansas to pay for services it did not provide. According to the lawsuit, Rutledge is attempting to seek an injunction, civil penalties, and restitution on behalf of FTS’s deceived customers.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Bradford’s company used Facebook to advertise unlimited high-speed internet service for an initial fee of $249 and $65 per month in rural areas. The products were offered as broadband services, completely unlimited and unthrottled; there was no contract, customers would never run out of data and it included a full money-back guarantee. The appeal was designed for customers from rural areas who had to quickly transition from working in an office environment to at home; however, by November many reported that they had been schemed. FTS failed to provide reliable internet service after purchase, in addition to failing to repair defective products, as well as provide refunds to paying customers. 

“Bradford exploited rural Arkansans who have been denied reliable internet service for too long,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “Arkansans need high-speed internet access no matter where they are in the state and broadband companies can no longer swindle consumers out of their money by over-promising and continuing to under-deliver. I will continue to target businesses that take advantage of hardworking Arkansans who deserve access to services like broadband.”