Rutledge Joins AG Coalition Against Critical Race Theory

May 28, 2021

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge joins a multi-state coalition of 20 esteemed Attorneys General all denouncing Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught to young children in our schools. A new proposal introduced under Biden’s Department of Education would mandate that schools teach CRT or the teachings associated with the 1619 project in order to receive educational grants. CRT is an academic approach that examines how race and racism function in law and society and the 1619 project, led by the New York Times, focuses on the trans-atlantic slave trade and teaches students that the birthdate of the US is not 1776, but rather 1619 when the first slave ships arrived. 

Forcing schools to implement CRT in order to receive educational grants is not only wrong, but forces schools to make the decision to masquerade our history as something that it is not or forgo additional funding. Our students need to learn about the history of the United States and its respected institutions through traditional teachings, not controversial half-truths, which further leads to confusion in the classroom. 

“It is imperative we teach our students historical truths in the classroom rather than deeply flawed and controversial teachings of critical race theory that distort our great nation’s past,” Rutledge said. “I will continue to fight on behalf of our students against an administration that continues to implement radical policies aimed to push a leftist agenda.”