ICYMI: Attorney General Rutledge Continues to Prove She Will Put Arkansas First

May 12, 2021

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has been busy protecting the rights of Arkansans and demonstrating that she has both the knowledge and expertise to lead the state of Arkansas as governor. Rutledge is the first woman Attorney General and hopes to continue to inspire young women and serve as a role model as she continues to pave the way for women in politics.

Just in the last week, Rutledge was in NW Arkansas discussing why she’s most qualified to serve as governor, she continued to stand up for girls in youth sports, appeared on Fox to discuss the Biden Administration’s overreach and Fox Business about the Biden Administration’s climate agenda, and protected Arkansans against a timeshare scheme and the dumping of medical records.

According to Rutledge, “this race is about getting things done and I am the only person running for governor who has the experience to lead the state of Arkansas on day one.” 

Here’s more from Attorney General Leslie Rutledge in the news:

KHBS40: Attorney General Leslie Rutledge says she’s most qualified to serve as Governor

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge recently spoke about what her goals would be if she were to be elected as the next governor of Arkansas. According to Rutledge, we have to make Arkansas first whether that is “first in educational opportunities, first in tax reform, or first in bringing in new manufacturing jobs.” She says that this race is not about money, headlines, fighting with someone on Twitter or major endorsements, but rather continuing to put Arkansas first and instill change. 

Fox News: States fight back against federal power grab

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge tells ‘The Next Revolution’ that the Biden administration is ‘absolutely out of control with regard to overreach’

Fox Business: Could Biden climate agenda worsen Colonial Pipeline hack aftermath? 

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge (R) shares her thoughts on the Colonial Pipeline hack and the Biden administration’s climate plans.

KARK4: Attorney General Rutledge suing 501 Pain and Rehab for dumping patients’ medical information in Palarm Park 

After medical files containing personal information from 270 patients were found dumped haphazardly in Palarm Park, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge filed a civil lawsuit against 501 Pain and Rehab. The files were said to have contained names, addresses, social security numbers, personal contact information, and phone numbers; all of which could have been the catalyst for multiple counts of identity theft and fraud. 

Business owners cannot display this type of negligent behavior, and Rutledge says that it is not only unacceptable, but that she will continue to hold the owners of 501 Pain and Rehab accountable. 

Talk Business & Politics: Rutledge gets $2.6 million judgment against Bentonville timeshare exit firm

The Arkansas Attorney General recently won a $2.6 million lawsuit against Brian Scroggs of Bentonville after her office discovered 88 consumers who fell victim to his timeshare scheme. Rutledge has been particularly tough on individuals who knowingly conduct business illegally stating that it is “a priority to hold them accountable for their inexcusable deceptive practices.” 

Fox News: Bans on transgender athletes in female sports to be defended by Arkansas, Mississippi and other GOP states

President Biden signed an Executive Order back in January urging schools to allow transgender students to participate in sporting events that reflect their gender. However, Arkansas, Mississippi and several other states have passed legislation in retaliation stating that the aim is to maintain fairness in women’s sports. Attorney General Rutledge had this to say about the Presidents’ administration challenging Arkansas and the GIRLS Act.  

“Here is my message to President Biden if he decides to sue the State of Arkansas to stop us from implementing the GIRLS Act, which protects the opportunities of our young girls: Bring it on, Biden! I will wholeheartedly defend and win to ensure girls in Arkansas have a fair playing field to succeed.”