Arkansas deserves better than President Biden’s China Policies

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge believes President Biden [should] start working [with] existing businesses to create more jobs instead of unconstitutionally shutting them down. Arkansans [and] Americans deserve better.

At the same time that Biden is crippling our energy sectors and its workforce, we are allowing China to once again have the upper hand on the global stage through its lies and manipulation. 

A new report indicates that while Biden continues to decimate union and working class jobs in the United States over environmental concerns, China is significantly underreporting its carbon emissions data.

Many Americans suffered a direct financial hit when Biden revoked the Keystone XL Pipeline permit, which immediately left an estimated 11,000 unemployed and killed a multibillion dollar contract that provided financial support to rural areas. Entire families and communities depend on Biden and his administration to put an end to these debilitating environmental policies in order to ensure that American laborers have jobs. 

As Attorney General, Leslie Rutledge is fighting this issue for Americans along with 13 other attorneys general and called on President Biden to reinstate the Keystone XL Pipeline permit. 

As Governor, she will continue to stand up for hard working Arkansans.