Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge continues to lead the fight against the Biden Administration

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge continues to lead the fight against the Biden Administration amid its continued attack on the working class. While Biden props up his $2 trillion clean energy infrastructure bill with insubstantial ideas and empty promises, countless Americans are struggling to feed their families. One member of the Biden Administration is quoted telling reporters at a news conference in Annapolis, Maryland, “in the shift to clean energy, not every American will win out in the near term” in fact “some livelihoods and old industries will be hit hard.”

Arkansan pipeliners specifically are hurting due to the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline permit because many either helped to build the pipe in-state or traveled out-of-state to fulfill their job obligations.

With the elimination of these jobs, whole communities have been forced to suffer because there are no clean energy jobs available to those who have been most impacted by the cancellation. This is especially true for Levi Turner, a recently laid-off pipeliner from Arkansas, who spoke with Fox & Friends to discuss the hardships he and his family have personally endured at the hands of this administration.

In response, AG Rutledge tweeted, “I wake up every morning wondering how I will have to sue Pres. Biden over his radical job-killing climate plan. It’s time Pres. Biden starts working with existing businesses to create more jobs instead of unconstitutionally shutting them down. Arkansans & Americans deserve better.”

Rutledge, along with 20 other Attorneys General from across the nation, is currently suing the Biden Administration over the legality of the Keystone Pipeline cancellation. In addition to the expectation that working Americans should bear the burden of the $2 Trillion energy infrastructure bill, many who have signed on to the lawsuit are lambasting this administration’s continued overreach of power and influence on the everyday lives of Americans.

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