ICYMI: Attorney General Leslie Rutledge says Her Experience Matters, Challenges Biden Administration on Climate Orders, GIRLS Act and Cancel Culture

March 12, 2021

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Earlier this week Attorney General Leslie Rutledge told Texarkana Republicans that her experience is an asset in her bid for the party’s 2022 gubernatorial nomination. She also has been challenging several of President Biden’s Executive Orders as unconstitutional, citing direct harm caused to Arkansans. 

On President Biden’s first day in office, he ceremoniously signed a series of Executive Orders that have since stripped Americans of their jobs, created a national and economic security issue, and made the United States energy-dependent once again. With one swoop of his pen, he even set women’s rights back nearly five decades. Attorney General Rutledge has pledged to continue to fight for the American people and their rights against an administration that has already demonstrated it will behave unconstitutionally. 

Here’s more from Attorney General Leslie Rutledge in the news:

Texarkana Gazette: Rutledge says experience asset in governor’s race

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge told local Republicans on Tuesday that experience is the difference-maker in her bid for the party’s 2022 gubernatorial nomination. Rutledge spoke at the monthly meeting of the Miller County Republican Committee. She and former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders have announced their candidacies for the nomination as Gov. Asa Hutchinson completes his final years in office because of term limits. Calling the race an “intrafamily ordeal,” Rutledge said there will be little difference between her and Sanders’ platforms but “experience matters.”

Fox Business: White House hit with lawsuits over ‘unconstitutional’ climate orders

A Biden Executive Order recently cost 500 hardworking Arkansans their jobs. AG Leslie Rutledge has joined twelve other states in suing the Biden Administration for its unconstitutional climate change order, which revoked the Keystone Pipeline permit and demanded that federal agencies determine the ‘social cost’ of its greenhouse gas emissions. According to Rutledge, it is unacceptable that this administration made the decision to make the United States energy dependent on other countries, which is now both a national and economic security issue. 

THV11: Arkansas AG Rutledge proposes bill that would ‘combat cancel culture’

A proposed Arkansas bill stating to “promote Arkansas voices” and “combat cancel culture” has been introduced, which would target social media sites like Twitter and Facebook for “unfairly censoring or banning someone,” according to Attorney General Leslie Rutledge.

KATV: Arkansas AG introduces bill to ban transgender athletes from girls’ school sports

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge announced on Monday proposed legislation that would ban transgender athletes from playing on women’s school sports teams in Arkansas. The announcement comes after President Joe Biden issued an Executive Order on Jan. 20 aimed at combating discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.